Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Home Owning Ain't Easy---Welcome to My World

It’s not even noon in Chicago and I already want a drink. A big huge whopping make me forget all of my problems drink.

This condo thing has got me in a tizzy.

The amount of negligent work done by the developer of our condominium association simply boggles the mind. Our three year old association has been faced with soliciting bids for the construction of a brand new porch system, securing financing and levying a special assessment. Note I said that our association is only three years old---those porches should have been replaced with the initial rehabilitation of the building. It seems that the more we think we have our building issue(s) under control; the more construction defects rear their ugly heads.

Here I am getting ahead of myself as usual. Let me start from the beginning of this sordid mess so you can fully understand the situation.

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