Monday, August 13, 2007

Does This Mean I’m Going To Have To Start Closing My Blinds?

I told you the ‘hood is blowing up.

Now it’s a long way from being a done deal but our friends at Hyde Park Progress have let the cat out of the bag about a proposed high rise at 64th & Stony Island.

Naturally I’d like to see more about the tower and its potential impact on the neighborhood.

The proposed building will be a block away from the crib so I need to know if they’ll have parking.

And if they also happened to have a pool that the public could use---that would be great too.

Granted, I’ll probably be married with kids before this project even breaks ground.

But isn’t nice to know that Woodlawn’s getting some love?

South side stand up.

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chicago pop said...

Tried, but couldn't find the pic of you leaning out the kitchen window!