Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My New Favorite Person, Part I

My fellow Metra riders and I have been on edge since the attacks on women started near our train stop.

A few weeks ago I saw Metra security making the rounds of the parking lots and slowly cruising under the viaducts where the stairs lead to the platforms.

Then of course that was during the day.

But for those of us who ride the 5:43 from downtown and arrive at our destination in the dark, the Mt. Carmel security guard is a welcome sight.

Apparently the lads at Mt. Carmel have had intermittent trouble in transit to or on the train platform. The school thought it was a good idea to hire a security guard to make sure the boys have safe passage.

While I don't know for sure, it's probably a safe bet that he gives the school parking lot the once over as a part of his duties. It makes sense, right?

But I when I exit the train I usually see him either on the platform or on the steps leading to the viaduct/64th street level.

While he dosen't have to stick around to make sure that the local commuters get down from the platform, I think it's awful stand up of him to take a few extra minutes to keep an eye out for us.

I may not know his name but he's my new favorite person.

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