Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Everyone Has One

I just couldn't take it anymore.

After tweeting about the trash, when I got dropped off this afternoon it had seemingly multiplied. Naturally I was forced to pick it up.

But you’ve got to have limits so I only tidied up in front of my building.

Of course now that the weather is warming up, people tend to be outside so it was inevitable that I get to see neighbors I haven't seen in months.

Today was no exception.

So when I happened upon neighbors X and Y, our conversation eventually turned to the trash that had gathered in front of our home.

Of course the conversion morphed into our maintenance man not being paid enough (their emphasis, not mine) and other topics.

Then neighbor Y stated that she had questions about certain things around our happy little home.

She was a relative newcomer so it was only to be expected.

I suggested that she might want to check into my blog for a historical perspective of our happy little community since I am one of a hand full of people who have been here since the property went converted.

From a slanted, biased Woody perspective of course.

By this time she was on a roll but did manage to tell me that she’s not really a “blog” person so she wouldn’t be reading my humble offerings.

At this point I knew I was listening to another person who had more opinions than solutions. Inevitably that would translate into zero work done on the association’s behalf.

While I’m not feeling the love for all of my neighbors right now, I will say I do know who will actually step up and work on behalf of the association and who will sit there and flippin’ complain all day.

So it was with this knowledge I listened while I continued to pick up the trash.

Because I was dealing with someone of the later mindset, not the former.

This was later confirmed as X and Y were walking away and Y commented that she “wasn’t going to pick up anything.”

So in the end I guess I’m doing the right thing by limiting my involvement in my association---don’t forget I’m the “bad neighbor.”

Because people with big talk along with big ideas but with no follow through are “all hat and no cattle"

Because everyone has an opinion.

That and $2.25 will get you on the bus.

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kwintessential said...

I hate seeing trash around my complex, and people walking past like they do not see it. The summer is coming and things gets worst.