Wednesday, July 01, 2009


My job ends July 31st.

Unless my contracting company can find me another immediate gig or something miraculous happens, I’m back waitressing.

Paying my bills (and debt) on a waitress gig (again!)---that ought to be interesting.

I so miss having a good FICO score.


The North Coast said...

"I so miss having a good FICO score".

So do I. My hours and salary got cut.

But that is better then being jobless so I'm trying to be an adult about it.

kwintessential said...

I wish CNN would publish the number of people with below average FICO scores. Thats the real issue with the economy. If the credit is shot, how can you make "any" purchases. No home, no car, nada! Economic boom? Create some jobs so that FICO scores have a chance of improvement, and banks won't be so afraid to loan.