Wednesday, October 28, 2009


The south side is awash in people carrying really bad knock off Coach purses.

The "Logo C" has been Coach's staple for almost ten years.

But it's everywhere---I'm sure you've seen it but may not have realized (or cared) about a logo on a purse.

Nonetheless, you know a purse is really popular when you see the bootleg guys on Chicago Avenue with the knock off almost immediately.

So I've seen the "Logo C" pretty much on everything.

Or so I thought.

As I was sitting on the bus with a gaggle of high school kids, I was counting the minutes until I could exit at my stop.

I believe one of Dante's levels of hell is a packed bus with high school kids.

That's when I saw it---the ultimate ghetto fab.

Young people wearing saggy pants showing their underwear is nothing new.

A young person wearing saggy pants shows his bootleg Coach "Logo C" briefs IS something new.

Jesus keep me near the cross.

Not only did I NOT need to see that but so much was going through my mind:

Who sags AND wear printed designer underwear? Is he just that label conscious or is he a gay thug?

Why would anyone want to show their underwear to the public if they're not LaPerla?

I guess I'm truly an adult.


The North Coast said...

Teen fads have always been inscrutable to us adults, which is their whole point. It wouldn't be any fun for the kids if it didn't disgust their parents.

That's why Punk lasted so long. They managed to hit on something really ugly with that- hair dyed blue and gelled into foot-high spikes has enduring shock effect.

Cut the kids some slack-they've really had to work hard to outdo their parents in the disgusting-and-shocking youth fad dept.

The Woodlawn Wonder said...

Self expression = Good

Underwear as outerwear = Bad

The North Coast said...

You have that right, and that's why underwear worn outside is going to outlast even punk.

The kids finally found something that offends almost everybody, and that nobody ever gets used to.

I don't want to imagine what's NEXT.

boby said...

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