Thursday, August 18, 2005

South of Madison Street---Welcome to Woodlawn, Part I

As with most paths to hell, everything started out with good intentions.

I saw a beautiful property; it had the space I was looking for at the price I could afford with almost limitless potential to increase in value. What’s not to like? Yet when the red flags were waving, I ignored them---blew 'em off to nerves. Discounting the common sense that has saved me from many a hard lesson over the years. Obviously I picked the wrong time to ignore my "inner voice."

I should of know what I was in for when I didn’t have a completed kitchen or bathroom three days before closing (November 15th 2001) even though the sales agreement was signed on August 3rd.

When I walked in with both my home inspector and realtor and saw gaping unfinished maws where the bathroom and kitchen should have been a screaming meltdown ensued.

Oh baby, it was on like Donkey Kong.

Future brides fighting at the Filene’s Basement bridal sale is no comparison.

The worst meltdown you’ve ever seen any woman have can only be termed as “mildly annoyed” on my personal scale that day.

When I walked in and saw that my unit wasn’t finished must less ready to inspect. I yelled so loud and so long with so much language unsuitable for a woman that six workmen immediately left the premises.

The Metro Pro sales agent confrontational. She had gumption to ask me why I needed an inspection in the first place. My realtor who was talking me down out of my blind rage saw me making a fist and hurriedly sent me to sit in the car.

For brevity's sake I’ll fast forward a bit. The inspection was completed, I closed, I moved in to what I thought was a beautiful unit with semi wet floors that were hurriedly varnished---and not well might I add.

The red flags were practically unfurling themselves to spell out the message, “Don’t buy this place, dumb ass!” Kind of like the robot from lost in space warning where he flails his arms screaming, “Danger Will Robinson! Danger!” Yet my rational mind would not cede to my irrational one and the deal was done.

It’s all so clear now---so crystal clear---why wasn’t it clear then?

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ChicagoStaci said...

Where was your attorney? The best way to avoid this mess is a good attorney who knows what he or she is doing.