Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Seeing Eye to Eye

Now to make sure we're all on the same page, let's have a quick recap.

Our building is like Glen Close in "Fatal Attraction," very attractive on the outside but not quite right on the inside.

Our developer seemingly (perhaps knowingly) violated multiple City of Chicago building codes and standard construction practices to market and sell the units in our building.

Our association has had four total foreclosures in the past calendar year. Two have already happened, two are yet to come.We now have an active (and might I add ass kicking) board that is committed to righting wrongs, going after our developer and increasing our property value.

All of this is time consuming and very difficult to separate out of my personal life. My friends and family have reached saturation point about hearing about my condo issues. That is why you good folks are a healthy alternative to putting a baseball bat through one of my developer's five luxury cars.

Yeah that was no typo---five luxury cars. Don't get me started.

Before I continue telling you about our odyssey, let me give you an honest to pete story about someone who has it worse than us. No bullshit, I looked up the files at the Daley Center and it reads like a homeowner's nightmare. I'll get to that tomorrow. I'm just now coming down from that Star Wars movie in the park.

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