Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Brevity or I Wouldn't Do That If I Were You

If you purchase a condo at 1512-1514 East Marquette you may find yourself in the same situation I’ve been chronicling for the past year.

Despite the fact I’d love to have a loyal reader as a neighbor, I wouldn’t want to put anyone else through the drama.

As of August 31st the building at the above address was granted a construction permit.

From what I understand the permit is supposed to be for “Replacing existing drywall partitions with new.”

The on-line description may have been edited for brevity because that’s the only way to explain way it didn’t mention anything about electrical work for the new central air conditioning units on the roof.

You doubt me? Please look at the realtor’s listing that describes all of the sparkling new amenities that the lucky buyers will be getting once they sign on the dotted line.

The permit’s brevity may have also stopped me from reading about the plumbing and how it’s being brought up to code.

I’m curious to know how the plumbing in a building built before low flow toilets, washers & dishwashers will be able to handle the increased water demands of six residents and their families.

My developer (and the developer of the 1512-1514 Marquette condos) surely will have listed all of this important infrastructure work in the complete permit application, right?

I was also under the impression that when one replaces drywall, that the electrical and plumbing would have to be reviewed as well. ‘Cause how can you tear down drywall and not affect the electrical and plumbing?

I’ll make sure the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed when I file my freedom of information act request to see the full application.

I don’t want to accuse Mr. Knight of actions that he may have already taken.

Moreover, I’m sure he’s also going to replace that woeful back porch.

The big give away ladies and gentlemen on an old and more than likely non-code compliant porch would be the big X’s that form support crosses along the stairways and landings.

If you stand facing the porch and see those big “X’s” where a person can stand on the landing, you might want to ask if the porch will be replaced or if it will be brought up to code?

Now I can’t emphasize this enough so kindly pay attention: If you don’t get a satisfactory answer to the porch question move onto the next condo development.

You can name your first born after me as a small gesture of thanks.

Then of course if you want to come out of pocket for big money for a new code compliant porch some time in the future or face a possible lawsuit from an injury, please be my guest.

Speaking as someone who hasn’t quite paid off her own special assessment for our brand new porches---trust me you want to opt for the former option instead of the later.

Right now I will have to acquaint myself with how the Department of Construction and Permits approves permits for rehabbed condo developments.

Or is it possible that they weren’t given the true scope of the project?

Stay tuned.


lipso_facto said...

I noticed that the listing agent is "Jennifer Knight". Might she be a relative of "Mr. Knight"?

The Woodlawn Wonder said...


I can't comment either way but the coincidence is eye opening, eh?

Things that make you go hmmm...

Paradise said...

You can tear down drywall and not affect wiring or plumbing, or at least not necessarily, because the sheetrock is on top of all that, rather like a curtain.

But you really want to know that you have good, new, code-compliant electrical that was done correctly, and you sure as hell don't want 80-year-old plumbing, or 60-year-old, that has been "shit-rigged" with stopgap repairs over the years as is typical of rental property.

You wonder what you're more afraid of, a rehab of an old building or new construction. Methinks a person's better off in a solid old place that has at least proven it can stand up for more than a year after construction, which is more than we can say for some of the new construction, like the West Town bldg you wrote about in here a few months back.