Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Farmer's Market

If the falling temperatures didn't let me know summer is over, the news that there's only six weeks left for Chicago's farmer's markets did.

Heavy sighs all the way around.

I now dream of stock piling bread, cheese and organically fed meats in a deep freezer to get me through the winter.

The only problem is I don't have a deep freezer.

Unfortunately condo living and community spaces don't lend themselves to having your own freezer to store away your goodies. There would either have to be a great deal of trust with your neighbors or a padlock involved.

Nothing says "screw you (potentially) thieving bastards" like a big padlock on an appliance.

Not exactly the neighborly vibe I'd like to promote.

Nonetheless visions of frozen bread and good Wisconsin cheese will accompany those of sugar plums and holiday treats this winter.

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Paradise said...

WW, from the picture you once posted of a unit for sale in your building, it looks like your unit, if it is similar, could accomodate an upright freezer, perhaps a 25 cubic ft. unit. You could disguise the appliance by positioning a folding screen of the same height in front of it.

But don't put the cheese in it. Put the meats and veggies, for sure, but not the cheese.

Your post makes me think of other provedant things we should be thinking about... like supplying our condos with emergency generators to make sure we can run our fridges and other appliances in emergencies. This is something that perhaps the entire association should get together on but we should all be researching it and thinking about it.