Friday, October 13, 2006

Big Daddy Speaks

The principal of the school across the street called me at work about the latest parkway issue.

As we spoke, I assured him that I believed that the fresh faced youth was doing all he could to make sure that the maintenance policy was being adhered to.

After all I didn’t want to get him in trouble with his boss.

But---a deal is a deal.

The school across the street needed (and needs) to consistently keep up their commitment to keeping the parkway clean.

The next day it was as if magic elves appeared. The walkway was as spiffy and shiny as a sidewalk can get in the city.

When Big Daddy asks the kids over there to jump, the appropriate response is “How high?”

My only question is how long will it be before the maintenance staff forgets and the trash starts piling up again?

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