Monday, December 11, 2006

Come To Jesus Meeting

Two Sundays ago, I saw the straw that broke the camel’s back.

My new neighbor had the keys to our front door duplicated and given out to her frequent visitors.

I about lost my shit.

I understand that a single woman who lives by herself needs to make sure that a trusted friend has a set of keys to her home. But when the let’s go kick it crew is rolling in and out of the front door of our home, that’s a problem.

So I fired off this little ditty to the owner of the unit:


While out on my front porch this morning I noticed that two or possibly three people have the key to the XXXX-XXXX building front door. Obviously I don't know who's authorized to live in the unit but the number of people who have access to our front door is, on its face, troubling.

Can you or your agent confirm with either XXXX or XXXX who is officially on the lease and take steps to stop your tenant from distributing keys to our front door. This is an egregious safety issue that concerns everyone who lives in or visits our home.

Unfortunately I did not have the e-mail address to your property manager on my home PC as I would of sent this e-mail directly to him, but I felt this issue was so important that I wanted to address it with you directly.



While I never received a written reply to my concerns, word had it that the owner’s property manager would attend our next association meeting.

In the middle of our meeting, he did actually show up.

Unfortunately for him, he got an earful that night.

I renewed my concerns about everyone and their mother having a key to the front door. I also let Mr. Property Manager know that the frequency of his tenant’s pot smoking was a well known open secret.

Not only is the hallway filled with smoke but since I live directly above my smoking neighbor, my home smelled like a bong as well.

The other residents of our building that were in attendance all shook their heads in agreement.

Mr. Property Manager had already addressed the front door key issue but did not know that there was a pot smoking issue as well.

Luckily I was there to notify him of that fact.

One of my downstairs neighbors on the other hand, really let her feelings be known about the tenant situation.

While none of our building’s residents appreciated any of these shenanigans, my first floor neighbor is on the front lines of all of this disturbing foolishness.

She hears the increased traffic coming in and out of the door, the people walking over her head, the playing of the loud music at all hours of the night and in some cases the loud voices that accompanied by the increase in foot traffic.

Needless to say she is not a happy camper.

She “expressed” her concerns in a way where there was no doubt to her meaning.

In short we let Mr. Property Manager know that we’re NOT “the spot” or “the let’s go kick it place.”

The fact that we even had to express the lack of communal courtesy from this tenant made the phrase “proper tenant screening” surface in the conversation several times.

We got our point across.

In the few weeks since we had this come to Jesus meeting with the property manager, my new neighbor’s behavior has dramatically improved.

The constant stream of people has been reduced significantly and the 24/7 pot smoking has dropped off quite a bit as well.

Only time will tell if things are getting back to normal.

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