Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Fruit Fly Preamble, Part II

Seriously---what is it with me and the gays?

Now this doesn’t hold true for all gay men or lesbians but I do seem to have my fair share of friends that just happen to be gay.

I remember my first gay boyfriend.

I was a newly minted 18 year old dropped off at college. Not too long thereafter I began to attract the attentions of a certain handsome junior.

Who among us wouldn’t be swooning at the prospect?

This stylish, good looking, older man---with a car I might add---took an actual interest in me.

Zit faced, hill jacked, slightly goofy, Care Free curl wearing me.

Good Lord, I thought he was the one.

Little did I know he would be the first of many gay men who for some reason seem to flock to me like the swallows coming back to Capistrano.

As I stated earlier, this doesn’t go for all gay men.

There are just as many misogynists that happen to be gay. Straight men don’t have the monopoly on marginalizing, humiliating or hating women.

And to be fair, I’m just not everybody’s cup of tea.

Most people would call me a fag hag but I’ve always hated that term.

I don’t like using the “F” word and I am a lot of things, but a hag isn’t one of them.

Instead, one of my good friends who also happens to be gay has coined another term---a less harsh moniker—he calls women who attract gay men a fruit flies.

Kinda catchy, huh?

Coincidentally, I’ve learned not only a lot about myself but a few do’s and don’ts with regards to gay men in general.

I’ll get into those points in another post so I can remain focused.

So combine my love of the lifestyle arts with my tendency to find gay men and it was only a matter of time before I ran into Mr. Sassy.


Nat said...

ooh, i like the term "fruit fly." Much nicer than the other term. I'm looking forward to the next installation of the Fruit Fly preamble.

The North Coast said...

"Fruit Fly" is an old term I used to hear in St. Louis a lot. One boyfriend called me that because I lived in a bldg with many gay men with whom I was friendly.

kwintessential said...

Did Mr. Man happen to coin the term "fruit fly"? It sounds like something he would say.