Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Why did I run into my developer at my alderman’s kick off campaign shindig last Thursday?

Holy crap!

More later.

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The North Coast said...

Why, I can't imagine why your sleazeball developer would want to be at your aldercreature's kickoff!!1

Aldermen and developers sorta go together, ya know? Were the local slumlords at the little shindig, as well? Or does your alderman, unlike the Mooron here in the 49th, at least have enough couth not to go on records lying on behalf of the most notorious slumlord in the area?

We as the citizens need to make our city establish criteria for the merit of a developer other than his ability to write a check to the local alderman's, or the mayor's campaign fund. Could we possibly make it a baseline requirement that your structures be sound enough to maintain reasonable structural integrity (i.e. not fall down) within a year of contruction or rehab?