Monday, January 08, 2007

This Just In

Huge breaking news!

20th ward alderman Arenda Troutman was arrested earlier today on alleged bribery charges.

Cats and kittens, this has huge implications for Woodlawn and the emerging redevelopment of the south side as a whole.

While Alderman Troutman is not my alderman---I'm in the 5th ward---but she is the alderman for a huge chunk of the Woodlawn community. If you've read my earlier posts you know that everything that happens in Chicago's 50 wards is largely controlled by the alderman.

Any official business on her plate is obviously on hold.

...And scant weeks before the election. Wow whee!

When the feds are involved that ain't a good sign.


Burt said...

Was sitting at the new Panera on S. Canal today. Table next to me was talking about this aldermanic incident. Said his brother was a developer trying to get a permit for a project in her ward. Was supposedly told that the only way we could get it was to sell her a condo for $50k less than the asking price......

The Woodlawn Wonder said...


I love the dish. Only time will tell if the good Alderman has an even better attorney.