Wednesday, July 18, 2007

He Already Had Me With His Cinnamon Rolls

It's not like I wasn't a Tom Tunney fan already.

Prior to being the alderman of the 44th ward, he was the very public face of the Ann Sather's restaurant on Belmont.

Many a time I'd stop off after work too tired to cook, too hungry to wait and too poor to buy groceries. Methinks Mr. Tunney recognized all three and would slip a sister a complimentary bread plate to go along with my vegetable soup.

'Cause you know bread ain't free when you only order a cup of soup.

He was kind enough to chat as well. To make me feel welcome despite the fact I was spending less than five dollars (with tip).

As you can see I've never forgotten the gesture.

So it should come as no surprise that as the Alderman Tunney is leading the way to forge a set of behaviors and practices for developer/neighborhood relations.

Behold another aldermanic rock star.

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The North Coast said...

It's really something when an alderman earns accolades merely by doing the job s/he was elected to do. Shows you what a collection of malaprops, goofs, and sadly, stone crooks we have serving in this $118K + perks job.

I like Tunney, and think he is good for Lakeview, but even he needs to do more. Crime is rising along Clark St between Belmont and Diversey-mostly car breakins, but still a growing problem, and a lot of extremely ugly and inappropriate development was allowed during the late housing feeding frenzy.

So he needs to do more. He has an easy job compared to many other alderman, in that when the neighborhood is functioning fairly well and there are no real problems, you are left alone and can do your service work in peace.

You're right , though, he's a very good guy and he certainly does no harm, which is a lot more than you can say for our 49th Ward AlderCretin.