Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Excuse my absence of late. I’ve been on a bender for the past week or so.

I figure my 39th birthday and a layoff are a good enough reasons to tip a few back.

Now granted a week and a half might have been a little excessive but hey you only live once.

Despite my partying ways, I did manage to act like an adult for part of the time and get some important business done and make some neighborhood observations.

First and foremost the mortgage deal is done.

That sound you hear is the collective sigh of relief that I won’t be shown the door---literally.

The best my mortgage company could do is to give me another ARM with a much lower interest rate.

I know, I know---it’s another ARM loan but at least it buys me a year or so. I can only pray that all these new condos being built sell like hotcakes so my property value shoots back up so I can refinance.

Did I mention how beautiful eastern Woodlawn is?

The worst-case scenario is that my mortgage goes up another $100 a month for another year. So that’s not too bad.

It’s better than the alternative that I was facing.

And yes I lobbied hard for a fixed rate with reasonable terms but that idea got the heave ho.

After all I’ve been trying to thread this needle since March.

But at least it’s done and I can rest a little easier.

I also applied for unemployment between cocktails.

For those of you who’ve had exposed to the public aid sector in the great state of Illinois it will not come as any surprise to you when I proclaim that no matter how special you may think you are, you will still be treated the same in the eyes of the employees of these respective offices---like you’re an idiot.

But in all fairness some of the clients of these services aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer.

So I guess it’s safe to assume that starting with the basics is the best route.

Nonetheless, I was in the unemployment office for three---count ‘em---three hours last Tuesday.

God that sucked.

But it had to be done.

Since I have no money coming in, it might behoove me to make the magic happen.

Don’t worry (yet) my resume is being reviewed by my HR friend and I hope to have it out on the streets tomorrow.

If all goes well, I’ll be working in October.

Until then my only question is where did all these blonde stay at home moms come from? Woodlawn is crawling---well at least for Woodlawn---with Lakeview/Lincoln Park type moms with $300 strollers.

The things you see when you’re home during the day.


The North Coast said...

I'm glad you got your lender to work out your loan. This is what lenders ought to be doing, if they don't want to have an insurmountable inventory of REOs sitting on their books.

That means yours is one that could be worked out, unlike some folks who borrowed so far over their heads they couldn't get ahead if the places kept appreciating at 20% a year, which nothing ever could.

I'm glad for you and I'm hoping for a friend of mine and it looks like I will be paying rent for a while longer, because credit is now very, very tight.

Hope you find another equal or better job very soon. It scares me to read about all the layoffs in financial, my industry. It could happen to all of us any day now.

chicago pop said...

"blonde stay at home moms come from? Woodlawn is crawling---well at least for Woodlawn---with Lakeview/Lincoln Park type moms with $300 strollers."

whoa -- when did that happen? The stroller derby must have gotten too crowded up on 57th St!

The Woodlawn Wonder said...

Yeah I know I dodged a big time bullet. I'm lucky I made it through. Ironically, my former gig was with a bank. Nine underpaid years were gone with the stroke of a pen. No hard feelings---it's an opportunity for a fresh start.

Trust me, I was just as surprised as you. I had no idea when this happened but trust assured I will keep everyone up to speed on this matter.