Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hubris or God Bless San Bernadino, Harvey & South Shore

This copy was taken directly from The Knight Company's website:

Real Estate Development and Property Management

The Knight Company has developed over 60 condo units and is currently involved in the construction of 18 townhouse units in San Bernadino California, 30 single family homes in Harvey, IL, and 132 condo units in the South Shore neighborhood of Chicago – becoming the first high-rise on the south side of Chicago in over 50 years, in addition to the development of 150 condo units in the Lake Meadows neighborhood of Chicago.

The principal, Carlton Knight, has more than fifteen years experience in the condo conversion, acquisition, development, construction and management of rental property and he has completed the renovation of over 200 units. The management arm of the company currently manages over 150 units. He serves as the managing director, and is involved in all aspects of the operations. He has a hands-on and proactive management philosophy. The organization has an experienced property manager on staff to augment the talents of Mr. Knight.

All I can say is----wow. I'm rarely at a loss for words but---wow.

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