Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sights Seen

I saw a hearse that was a hybrid between a normal Cadillac and an El Camino with a ragtop.

It was super fly. All it needed was some spinners.

I was crossing the street today near the intersection of 63rd and Langley when I spotted the vehicle outside of a church.

I wanted to do a closer inspection but didn’t know if anyone was inside and didn’t want to be questioned about why I’m giving a hearse the once over.

From the front it looked like a normal Caddy---wide, black, shinny. It even had Illinois plates indicating that the vehicle was owned and used by a funeral home; but that profile screamed El Camino---or at the very least Subaru Brat.

A hearse with a ragtop and a cut-a-way profile---I dare you to find something that unique on the north side.

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