Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Real Cost

While the fate of the Hyde Park Co-Op is still being decided, the fall out from this dustup has a real price.

If the Co-Op is shuttered, their employees will lose their jobs and benefits with no severance package to speak of.

There’s a happy new year for you.

One would think that the former Co-Op employees would be able to apply for positions at the new store. Rumor has it that either a Treasure Island or Dominick’s is coming to the 55th Street space.

Still it’s an uncertain future for a lot of hard working people.

As I’m going on my fourth month of unemployment I completely understand what these good folks may be facing.

It would have been nice if the former leadership of the Co-Op would have based their decisions not only on the health of the store but on it’s impact of the employees.

25 year lease indeed.

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