Friday, December 28, 2007

Be Careful What You Wish For

My concern over the lack of retail in this neck of the woods has been well documented.

While I long for the day I can walk to the dry cleaners and fresh produce, with Woodlawn’s track record more of these fine establishments will open somewhere by my house in 2008:

A fast food restaurant
Can a sister get a casual dining restaurant? Even a Chili’s or Bennigan’s would be a step up.

A Currency Exchange
Great---just what we need---a reason why the 1st, 15th and every Friday becomes more dangerous.

A Dollar Store
Unless it’s a Dollar Tree, get to steppin’.

A Beauty Supply Store
As if I couldn’t hit a dead cat with the multitude that already exist. I find it ironic that (at least in black neighborhoods) blacks rarely run a business geared toward black women and most of the money is funneled out of the community. I’m just sayin…

Car Wash
Don’t get me started…

I know attitudes are slow to change and that my alderman is working hard to secure retail opportunities but I hope that new offerings are in the future.

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kwintessential said...

Right down the street from my house are the following: liquer store, McDonalds, a new cell phone store, Subway, Beauty Supply, Walgreens, Arab corner store, Save A lot. Here's the many of these stores are owned by AA's?