Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Yes We Can

I have yet to have children.

I do not know how it feels to give birth to another human being and to experience that life long love---that maternal bond.

My friends with kids often remark they'd do anything to protect their children.

Playing devil's advocate, I jump on the bandwagon and ask them if they knew that their child (or children)commited a crime, would they ever turn them in to the police.

Every last one of them has said no.

They couldn't bring themselves to turn their children in---no matter how horrific the act.

I counter with the statement, "So why do you bother teaching them right from wrong and taking them to church?

That one is usually met with icy silence.

I guess it's difficult to turn over one's offspring to the authorities.

That's why this woman not only gets my praise but my prayers and respect as well.

Instead of turning a blind eye, she made a huge personal sacrifice.

She knows that all of the best examples begin at home.

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Monica said...

m new to your i started reading a year back yesterday. I couldnt agree more! My mom & dad raised me to be held accountable for my actions. they said if i ever went to jail no matter what the crime, they would not bail me out. if i killed someone, they would turn me in. I wonder if its a culture thing, because i know plenty of people in my family who feel the same way. However, i know my momma raised me right! And lots of people, were not.

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