Friday, September 11, 2009

Clearly It's Not The Rabbits We Need To Worry About

Per my Tweet from yesterday, some jackasses are going into the garden and stealing produce.

That's just plain out and out bullshit.

The only leeway I'd give would be if someone's hungry but even then I'd rather you ask me for my tomatoes than find them used in an impromptu food fight.

Just a gut feeling after seeing the remains of ripened tomatoes all over the garden.

If you remember part three of my Yo Chicago interview on You Tube, you'll see a glimpse of my tomato plant which only had about five tomatoes on it vs. fifteen from the week before.

So much for tomato, mozzarella and basil salad.


Eric Allix Rogers said...

Sure it's not squirrels? At my parents' house in Memphis, we gave up on tomatoes in the backyard because squirrels would steal them, take a bit, and drop them all over the place. We never got to eat any.

kwintessential said...

Well, I am a big fan of mozerella cheese with tomato, oil and seasonings. Now, regarding the theft issue...I think its a combo of Frank and his crew. The rabbits are minor in this case.

The North Coast said...

A neighbor of my mother's had problems with squirrels taking bites out of her tomatoes and hit on this solution: leave a big container of water out for the squirrels and they will leave your tomatoes alone.

She said the squirrels are after the water in the tomatoes, and that if you leave a big container of water out, they will go for that instead.

It's worth a try.