Thursday, November 05, 2009

Mortgage Epilogue, Part I

On it's face my mortgage situation has been worked out---at least temporarily.

When I didn't know what would happen, I contacted the press about my situation to see if a little well needed publicity would help the matter.

While I spoke with various members of the press, this is the only story to emerge so far.

Much thanks to Ashley Gross and the lovely folks over at Chicago Public Radio.

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The North Coast said...

Read the linked story and am glad you got the forbearance you need. I sincerely hope the job picture is better for you, me, and everyone else by spring.

It is people who are losing their homes because of job or business loss that should be getting relief, such as yourself, not the people who just plain borrowed too much money. The programs in place should be totally redesigned to exclude people who borrowed beyond their means to begin with. If your income was $40K in 2002 and you borrowed $200K, or $300K, sorry, you should have known better.