Monday, September 26, 2005


The fourth unit owner in foreclosure is something of a mystery.

I know he has a job yet he not only stopped paying his mortgage but also stopped actually living in his unit well over a year ago. In keeping with the trend set by the rest of our other non-resident owners in foreclosure, he is also severely behind in his assessments.

I will say this---he did give us a chunk of money earlier this year but hasn’t paid a dime since.

As if our bills get paid on his time table.

I’ve stated in an earlier post that I’ve been in the none too enviable spot of being behind in my assessments as well. I very can’t call people to the carpet about their irresponsibility if I don’t acknowledge my own shortcomings.

That being said, the big difference between my situation and my foreclosed upon neighbor’s situations is that I never once attempted to duck, dodge or hide from my financial responsibilities. I met with the board when they requested to see me, we hammered out an agreement, and I not only kept to the agreement but paid my arrearage off early.

But then of course that’s just me.

I have an even deeper appreciation of making sure that assessments get paid in a timely manner now that I actually sit on the board.

The fourth unit owner---his name is Maurice Cousin by the way---has put his unit on the market despite his foreclosure. Before, anyone asks---yes he can do that as he is still the legal owner of the property.

If you’d like to look up the case in the county clerk’s file go to case number 2005-CH-03798.

His actions are curious, no?

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