Friday, September 23, 2005


You know the popular saying---crazy is expecting a different results from the same set of actions. Why did I think that speaking with my developer today would yield anything other than a metaphorical huge middle finger to the association.

Why did I speak with him?

His daughter owns a rental unit in our association. She is over 60 days late in her regular and special assessments. Subsequently we put a lien on her unit as we refer out owners who are over two months behind on their assessments.

Trust me, it’s not like I haven’t been there and if I fall behind on my assessments I fully expect to get the same treatment as anyone else. I now have a better appreciation on how difficult it is to run a condo association when everyone pays late. That all being said, we have to mean what we say---if you’re 61 days late, out to the lawyer you go. No questions, no phone calls---you get referred to the lawyer. Done deal.

Apparently Mr. Developer man didn’t understand this concept.

When I spoke with him on the phone today, he was quite upset that a lien had been placed on his daughter’s unit.

He first said that the late assessments weren’t his fault as he was relying on our president to get the correct totals for what his daughter owed. I asked him why he would call our president for information he should have been getting from our treasurer.

“I didn’t have her phone number.”

It’s never his fault. The “experienced developer” can’t be expected to keep up on the piss ant billings of our association. Not my problem.

When I wasn’t buying that load of crap, he huffed that he was looking into suing us as it was unreasonable to place a lien on someone’s property after 60 days and that we were unfairly targeting his daughter.

Okay, right. Bring it.

To waste my breath telling him that we throw liens on everyone in the same state of arrears would---well---be a waste of breath.

When I went on to describe the association has an almost $4,500 judgment due to his fines and subsequent non-notification, he was silent. When I explained to him that he was going to have to reimburse us for any monies paid out, he stated:

“I’m not paying anything.”

He sounded like a spoiled, petulant child. Dial it down Paris Hilton.

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