Sunday, December 11, 2005

Gall, Yet Again

Our association had a visitor recently---our old maintenance man Mike.

He had been sent by our developer to collect what he claimed to be his snow blower. Unfortunately Mike couldn't gain access to the basement where the lawn equipment is stored, as we had changed all of the basement locks this summer.

Now whether our developer had sent Mike or he simply said that he was sent in order to throw off anyone who questioned him, I can't say. Mike doesn’t seem like a dishonest person and had plenty of time and opportunity to take whatever he wanted out of the basement prior to the locks being changed later in the summer.

That snow blower has been sitting in the basement for several years. With the recent spate of snow that Chicago's been having I can see why it's absence would be missed. Nonetheless why would anyone mix their personal or business belongings with those of a condo association that they developed?

I'm curious to know if our developer will try to approach one of us about this little quandary instead of sending people to trespass on our property.

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