Friday, August 18, 2006

Keep The Faith

I know my blogging friend ChiKat isn’t too hopeful about Woodlawn’s status as an “up and coming neighborhood” but I say banish those nagging thoughts.

With the University of Chicago is making nicey and the rate of new residential development in the ‘hood, I think Woodlawn will become what the Uptown neighborhood is now---nice enough that the real estate prices are through the roof but still with that funky urban edge.

You see I used to live in Uptown in the late nineties and left in 2001. Note: I loved my neighborhood but wanted more space and knew it was time to move on to greener pastures. Had I stayed my little piece of heaven would have been worth a tidy little bundle. Can you say retirement money and cabana boys?

So nuts to the people who won’t stick it out, nuts to the people who think a neighborhood that’s been plagued by crime and neglect will turn around in a year and nuts to the people who don’t believe in the south side.

Good riddance.

I left Uptown before the Borders, The Uptown Lounge, Crew, Soggy Paws and the Sushi Restaurant took residence. There is not a day I don’t kick myself for not having faith in my good decision to live in what was at the time a “sketchy” neighborhood with beautiful old housing stock.

To the active, community involved urban pioneer go the spoils.

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Paradise said...

Don't feel so bad about leaving Uptown for Woodlawn-Hyde Park.

I believe that the Hyde Park area has 20X as much going for it in the way of amenities, of which the University of Chicago is only one, and built beauty, than Uptown, even though Uptown has a lot of charm. It is just that Hyde Park has so much that is absolutely incredible- I'm sure you've noticed those two absolutely spectacular Art Deco highrises with the incredible colored terra cotta ornamentation, and you cannot fail to appreciate the way the area is laid out. There are architectural styles there to be seen nowhere else. It is a truly incredible area.

The only thing with Hyde Park is that it is off the beaten path for now, but that will change. Watch- the entire lakefront will be rebuilt over the next 20 years, and 20 years goes by in a hurry.

You won't be sorry you went there.