Friday, March 23, 2007

The Door

Someone is being an asshole.

Someone is being an asshole and pissing me off.

For the past two months, the lock on our front entrance has either been disabled or not working properly.

As a result the door won’t latch and is left unlocked for days at a time. Oh yeah, you heard me correctly---days at a time.

Now I love Woodlawn, but there is a reason why we have locks on our doors.

As a security conscious type of broad this hasn’t been sitting too well with me.

All it takes is a woman with cold feet or some other nefarious individual and next thing you know we are in the middle of a “situation.”

And when I say “situation” I mean break in or other types of drama.

Now I don’t know about what’s happening in your lives, but I have plenty of shit to tend to all of my own, I don’t need additional drama.

How do I know that someone is intentionally vandalizing the lock?

The locksmith paid us a visit on Monday and put brand new hardware on our door. We even got a nice new handle on the inside that says “pull.”

Tuesday everything was fine.

Tuesday night at 11:00 PM when I came in, everything was fine.

Wednesday morning the lock wasn’t latching again.

Apparently we have gremlins as one of their legion came and unscrewed the lock hardware.

Now either someone has a key to our crib and is fucking with us or someone wants to make entrance to our building accessible to God knows who for whatever reason.

I have very strong suspicious on who’s doing this but I’ll have to let that sleeping dog lie until I can get the proof.

Not only is this unsafe for everyone who lives in the building but it’s costing the association a fortune in locksmith and handyman bills.

Someone has a funky beat down coming.


Carolyn said...

Security cam!

The Woodlawn Wonder said...

My friend, don't think that thought hasn't crossed my mind.

Mitchel said...

Very interesting article. Emergency locksmiths are playing very important role. I locked myself out of my apartment. And I called to locksmith company. They said that locksmith will come in 30-40 minutes. He came and opened my door in 10 minutes. So, the locksmith was very handy for me in this tight situation. Another case, my sister locked her 2 year old niece in the car at church. luckily the locksmith company office is right next door.
So everything ended ok.