Monday, March 26, 2007

Slow Grind

The city has finally responded to my cab driver complaint I filed earlier in the year. This letter came in the mail on Saturday:

To: The Woodlawn Wonder

Re: Complaint SR Number07-0000XXXX

This letter is an update of the Department of Consumer Services’ investigation of the taxicab, taxicab driver or taxicab company you reported for investigation.

Based on your complaint affidavit and the Department of Consumer Server (“the Department”) investigation, the Department filed charges against the taxicab, taxicab driver or taxicab company for violations of the Municipal Code of Chicago at the City of Chicago’s Central Administrative Hearing Facility.

If the Respondent(s), the taxicab, taxicab driver, or taxicab company, demand a trial the Department will notify you of the scheduled trial date and time. You will be notified by mail, phone call and or e-mail or the trial date, time and location. Your testimony is essential for an effective prosecution of the Department’s case. You will have the option to testify by phone or in person at the trial.

If the case does not progress to a trial you will still be notified of the outcome of the Administrative hearing proceedings. Possible other outcomes are that the Respondent(s) plead liable to the charges OR that a Default Order is entered against the Respondent(s) for failing to appear at the initial hearing.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Please reference the above listed complaint SR number in any correspondence with this Department.

It sounds like someone is about to get sat in the corner for not playing fair. Updates will be forthcoming.


Ronald said...

I went through a similar situation with a cabby who's behavior was not appropriate (long story). He actually decided to fight the complaint and I had to call in twice for hearings. The City attorney made it very easy for me when scheduling the hearings and allowing me to testify via phone. In the end the cabby was fined for his misbehavior. I felt like the system actually worked for once...

The Woodlawn Wonder said...

Yeah, I've been through this before Ronald. Once people find out how easy (yet lengthy) the process is, I hope more will be spurred to action.