Thursday, March 01, 2007

H&R Black, Redux

I am woman enough to admit when I’m talking out of my ass.

The “I Got People” campaign by tax powerhouse H&R Block was not directly aimed at black people or African American neighborhoods.

Everyone in our great nation got the benefit of having “people”.

I jumped the gun and ran with that one. My apologies to the cats at Block and their advertising peeps.

Now that we’re all friends again, perhaps you can answer what’s up with those rapid refund loans?

And while I’m thinking about it, have you kids taken some of that loot you make off of the multiple areas you serve and oh, I don’t know----reinvest it back in those communities?

Since I already made one assumption I’m sure there are college scholarships, a neighborhood center or a little league sponsorship that I may not be aware of as well?

I’m just asking.

E-mail me via the link on my profile, H&R Block. Give me the 411 on your community service and outreach.

I always like to spread the news about those who do good in the ‘hood.

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