Monday, April 23, 2007

The Rich & The Infamous

Since the weather was so nice yesterday, a friend and I took a slight detour to indulge our house envy near our respective ‘hoods.

As you know I live in Woodlawn and he living in Washington Park so before our little trip up to the north side, we decided to split the difference and look at those super groovy mansions in Kenwood.

Note: While single families in Hyde Park are expensive; I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that you need your last two year’s tax returns and W-2’s to walk down the street in Kenwood.

It’s a touch pricey.

My friend pointed out the home where Black Islamic leader Louis Farrakhan resides as well as other properties owned by the Nation of Islam.

While the neighborhood is beautiful, the architecture and landscaping on the five properties wasn’t my cup of tea. It didn’t look like it fit in with the Victorians in the area.

Then of course the hard looks were we given by the Nation of Islam’s 24 hour, 365 day a year resident security presence on the street outside of the main residence didn’t really encourage drive by browsing.

Let’s suffice it to say that you’d rather get arrested by the Chicago Police than play a game of tough guy with these very serious, heavily (and legally) armed, dour gentlemen.

If you are lingering in the street without a clear destination or linger just a little bit too long, they will trot right over and ask you your business. More importantly they’ll ask you to move---and they mean right now. Not a minute from now.

I love a well dressed man---don’t get me wrong---those guards I saw yesterday were smokin’ hot .

But that whole not drinking, woman subservient cover my head thing just isn’t in my personal game plan---no matter how hot the man.

We wisely (and quickly) drove on.

Then we saw the house where the big dog lives.

Sen. Barack Obama’s hot ass Victorian mansion is the bomb diggity.

Apparently his books sold briskly ‘cause that pile of bricks ain’t cheap.

His house is beautiful and that is an understatement. Then of course I’ve always been a sucker for a wrap around porch.

I would have loved to drink in the beauty of that gorgeous house a bit longer but apparently the Senator has his own security parked across the street.

They're called the Chicago Police Department.

I would imagine now that he’s declared his presidential candidacy he’s eligible to received Secret Service protection to his person, his family and his house.

Now while I saw the blue and white across the street, I’d think it’s pretty safe to assume that the men in dark suits and driving dark sedans weren’t too far away.

After all you don’t want to let your home envy get you thrown in the slammer.

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The North Coast said...

When some woman can't amble down a street at a liesurely pace and stop to take a long look at a piece of architecture without fear of either the police or a private security force, we are in bad, bad trouble.

But we already knew that, didn't we?