Tuesday, April 17, 2007


It was like the Lord High Executioner had fallen off of the face of the earth.

Ever so often I would call and e-mail about some slowly moving business that we had discussed but this time my messages went unanswered.

So I called and wrote numerous times.

No response.

Then I started calling Buford Pusser.

At least I got a voice mail back. The subsequent game of phone tag yielded the same results.

So then I started calling the Lord High Executioner’s cell phone number.

In retrospect he may be kicking himself for giving me that information.

I also asked a friend who works in the law department for the city what the deal was---why was the LHE so hard to get a hold of?

My friend gave me the skinny---the LHE got transferred over to the Building Department to help those kids out while they’re ironing out their problems.

Within 24 hours of hearing that news, The Lord High Executioner himself called & left me a message.

I was being handed off to another person within the law department.

While it’s nice to know the love is still there ( I think?) I now have to start from scratch with the new guy.

When he called me yesterday, I suggested that he start reading this blog.

You loyal readers know that everything that’s been going on simply defies a two or three sentence description. I mean who would believe it?

I pray that the new guy will be as helpful as the LHE.

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