Monday, April 30, 2007

Warm Sunday

These were some of the sights seen yesterday while picking up gardening supplies around the intersection of 87th & the Dan Ryan:

Several lifestyle vignettes featuring the newly added outdoor furniture section at 87th & Dan Ryan Jewel; a bistro set was styled with a wine glass and a bottle of Boone’s Farms Blue Hawaiian.

At that same Jewel I was able to find micro brewed beer (Sam Adams) AND Morning Star Farms veggie burgers as opposed to malt liquor and no veggie burgers. Perhaps someone has been listening to my grocery rants after all.

While there is a brisk business trade in the median on 87th Street, the bootleg Newport cigarette guy is new. Normally you can buy anything from a Final Call to bean pies to a 10 pack of socks; tax stamped cigarettes is a new entry into the roster of products. What do you bet that the government will be down there in a quick hurry to put an end to that foolishness?

A very confused looking white couple in a BMW Z4 roadster at the corner of 65th & State.

More enterprising individuals selling “oils & incense” out of a van parked in a gas station parking lot at the corner of 87th & the Dan Ryan while also serving flavored sno-cones and slushies.

And my personal favorite:

A Plymouth Voyager mini-van with spinners.

You seriously cannot buy this type of entertainment. I love the south side


The North Coast said...

I shouldn't have clicked on the BMW Z4 roadster link.

That car is such a thing of beauty it made me want a car.

Now, if only someone would give me one, and I could find a way to make it run on the hot air emmitted by all the politicians in this burg.....

Fargo said...

A Voyager with spinners? That's even more priceless than the little s&*tbox Toyota with spinners I saw on 97th yesterday. LOL