Monday, May 07, 2007

God Help Me

I've got personal drama going on and world is in turmoil but the latest thing to draw my attention is a few new landscaping additions.

I'm assuming it's a new neighbor who's making an effort at community beautification.

God bless him or her.

Someone put plastic flowers in one of our gardening beds. Roses to be specific.

I nearly passed out when I walked past the beds this morning on my way to work.

Lord Jesus give me strength.

This mystery person also added a pinwheel lawn ornament to the front yard.

*Heavy Sigh*

They also put white stones around a perennial. Note: It's not like I don't already hate the bootleg red landscaping stones that are already in our planting beds. The white stones just add that little something extra special.

But perhaps I'm getting too territorial and putting the cart before the horse.

Perhaps I should be grateful that I have a neighbor who also has an interest in gardening and the ilk.

The desire is there; maybe we can learn for each other and have a meeting of the minds.

Hopefully we can lose the lawn ornaments and plastic flowers along the way.

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