Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sidewalk Apathy

Rumor has it that the oft discussed and much coveted new sidewalks and parkways will be going in some time this summer.

While I personally believe this to be gospel, it won't truly sink in until the signs go up and the concrete is poured.

I'm glad that three years of prodding and poking are about to come to an end but what really burns my biscuits is that the school across the street isn't contributing a dime towards the costs.

After all they're responsible for it's upkeep.

They took property off the tax rolls (as well as a street from the public way) to expand their campus. From my perspective, it seems as soon as they put up that nice tall fence on the south end of their campus, the rest of us who live on the other side of that fence became persona non grata.

But in the nicest way possible.

I've received assurances that the school wants to be a good neighbor but when it comes to coughing up the cash and pulling the trigger on this project let's just say words are all I've seen.

The galling part to this little tale is that they actually had some grant money for the parkways and never used it for the project. Moreover, the entrance to their school a block north is landscaped and pristine within an inch of its life.

As if they'd let their alumni see the crap that I have to call over to the school to get picked up.

So let's review---land was taken off the tax rolls so a private school could expand and they can't even give a flying fig about one of the parkways that they are legally responsible for.

Generally when you've been relegated to an afterthought in someone's life at least they should have the good manners to not make you feel like you're an afterthought.

But karma is a motherfucker. No good deed goes unpunished and apathy has a way of coming back to bite you on the ass.

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The North Coast said...

Woodie, you don't get it, do you?

Schools expect that they will be supported. They definately DON'T think they should have to contribute to any community effort because they are doing such a Wonderful Thing by existing that they should not have to cough up dough for sidewalks or flowers or streets, and certainly not taxes.

Don't expect SQUAT from a school.

Up at the north end of town, we will be paying taxes in the form of a TIF worth at least (for starters only)$46MM, the monster share of which will go to renovate a building on Loyola's campus, and build a high-rent apt building on Sheridan Road. Rents to start at $1400 for a studio. It appears that money will be spent not on just one architecturally significant and beautiful bldg, but on 4 other campus buildings, at a well-endowed private school that costs $20K a year (at least) for tuition.

My biscuits are burning over the issue, but as far as the authorities are concerned, you and I exist to support these places and have no right to expect anything in return.