Friday, January 04, 2008


He’s at it again.

Our handyman has continued to store his personal belongings in one of our basements.

I also strongly suspect he’s the one who’s leaving one of our many basement doors unlocked. Who in Christ’s name would leave a door unlocked in Woodlawn?

Where does common sense come into play?

I was taking my trash out a few days ago and happened to check a few basement doors just as a precaution when I discovered that one was left open.

I walked in to the overwhelming smell of urine, various mechanical parts strewn all over a table, a shopping cart full of crap AND various condoms.

At least the condoms were unused.

Clearly our handyman did not learn anything from having his personal belongings thrown out the first time. He’s back up to his old tricks.

Apparently he’s taken up to living in the basement and can’t distinguish between his living and working situation.

Hopefully at our next board only meeting we’ll be able to make the distinction for him.

This is getting too creepy.

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