Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hey Astor Properties...

Cut the freaking grass already.

And while you're at it, pick up the trash in the yard. If you don't, 5th Ward Streets & San will do it for you and charge you for their time.

Can you believe I have to look at this shit everyday?

Now do you gentle readers understand why I'm not a fan of non resident owners?

Take the wheel Jesus.


The North Coast said...

You should start besieging your alderman's office with calls for action. Your aldercreature should be on top of a situation like this, as the 48th Ward alderwoman is in Edgewater. She maintains a dog list of bad buildings (very few left around there)in her ward, and applies the heat to the owners accordingly. That's how she has cleaned up a ward that was formerly very troubled.

If s/he does not respond to your entreaties, start looking for another candidate to back in the next election, and get VERY VOCAL about the shortcomings of your current aldercritter on your blog.

Call 311 online, for you get a tracking number that way; and do it every day. Eventually, you will be given to a city attorney.

A property this badly operated should be forced into a court-ordered sale and/or court-ordered vacate. The ownwership should be fined large for EVERY DAY the property remains in this condition. Additionally, look into the possibility of getting them charged with Neighborhood Endangerment and Harboring Criminal Activity, if those conditions apply here- they usually do on a property that bad.

We have a constant battle up here in Rogers Park,th 49th, what with a shit of an alderman who panders to slumlords, and invites in social services serving the most troublesome elements in the population. We get one building cleaned up, and another becomes a problem. So it's continual combat- get ready for it.

(simply)G said...

Hey, if I didn't know any better, I'd swear that was Detroit--but are slums aren't that close together.

Note: I noticed my gas station getting bullet-proof glass installed 'round the counter.

"First, Detroiters move in, next the ghetto-ization of the hood begins.

Bless you Fibletta


Darius T. Williams said...

it's no better in south shore...