Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The First Harvest

Behold, nature's bounty in the form of collard greens.

I cooked them with turkey bacon, seasoning, garlic and a little bit of water.



kblog said...

I've never seen anyone cook them with turkey bacon. I'll have to try that.

The North Coast said...

Sounds delicious.

Your food growing efforts are interesting, since you live in a condo in a large multifamily structure.

Are you mostly growing them on your terrace or do you and other residents have little plots that you can farm? What kind of yield do you get? What kind of crops seem to work the best?

The Woodlawn Wonder said...

Kblog---I grew out of Ham Hocks. They just taste nasty to me as an adult. Turkey bacon is a reasonable, tasty and healthy substitute.

Northy---If you click on the Jackson Park Urban garden tag. Most of your vegetable gardening questions will be answered. Unfortunately I can't give you answers about the crops and yields as this is my first year eating what I grow.

kblog said...

Yes, I grew out of Ham Hocks too. But I hadn't tried substituting it for something else. I've been just seasoning the greens. I cooked some this past weekend with turkey bacon and loved it! Thanks! From now on, I will use it.

I can't believe that we grew up eating pigs A#$ in our greens!! LOL