Thursday, August 20, 2009


It's not like the fence around our back perimeter was the epitome of high security.

But for the last eight years, it's held up through dings, dents, trash truck accidents and attempted forced entry.

Yet now some fuck nut has seen fit to bend a post so badly that anyone could just walk through the opening.

Holy shit.

All of this came about as one of the locks to our back gates went missing and when it was replaced, a notice wasn't posted.

Because a notice wasn't posted, new keys weren't distributed.

And when I went to take out my trash (*ugh*) the other day an unwelcome chore went to downright unpleasant as I had to carry my trash around the building and down the alley in order to properly dispose of it in the dumpster.

That's more than I can say for another one of my neighbors as they left three bags of stinking ass trash inside of our gate on the ground.

Let me repeat that in case you missed it---one of my neighbors as they left three bags of stinking ass trash inside of our gate ON THE GROUND.

Trifflin' ass...

So this evening when I went to go look off the back porch, I see the trash is gone but the fence post is severely bent.

Frankly, I don't think any of this is a coincidence.

But I do know this---some dumb ass thought it was a good idea to leave open trash on our property to attract vermin AND someone thought it was a good idea to bend the fence post to the point it's created a security risk.

Who in the H-E double hockey sticks do I live with?



JD said...

They can't be fined?

The Woodlawn Wonder said...

We don't know who did it, therefore no fine.

Carter said...

In the Farcroft, a 95 unit building just south of Howard of Sheridan, the rule of the day when I lived there in the mid-90s were that people sent their dogs down to the lobby to do their business, then called the elevators to get the dogs back up.

I doubt tons of people did this, but it was enough so that, especially in the winter, our lobby had dog crap and piss in it pretty much every day.

If only I was making this up...

The North Coast said...

Carter, the Farcroft is a beautiful building and I'm sad to hear that it was allowed to deteriorate to the condition you describe. I can't imagine the management or tenants tolerating animals defecating in the lobby.

I remember when that building was still quite beautiful, C.1990. Do you know that some tenants actually had their weddings in the beautiful slate-floored lobby? I had friends who lived there, mostly respectable older single women, and their units were beautiful.

But I noticed the place beginning to slide-yeah-in the mid-90s. The hall carpeting was tatty and stained, and the place was beginning to assume an air of neglect.

I wonder if it's improved since?