Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Smell Test

As promised, the second letter from The Teacher:

"One last thing, I haven't seen this problem in any other of our buildings, apparently the rest of you are lucky to live in a building with clean neighbors. Frankly, I have only seen this problem in nasty buildings with dirty people, but in our building there is a unit owner who leaves shoes and boxes of stuff outside of their front door. Now, on occasion, that is not a problem. But this is a daily occurrence in my building, the owner has been asked in the past to refrain from doing so. It also sinks up the hallway in the immediate area where the shoes are located! I am asking the board to remind unit owners in writing that per the bylaws, there shouldn't be any shoes or other boxes/garbage left out in the common element hallway. Although this unit owner has been told in the past, perhaps placing a fine on it will finally eliminate the problem (also get $ for the board!). It is unsightly, especially when the shoes are cheap, fake, old and wet! In any event, please remind all unit owners this is not a project, or apartment building where personal property is left out in the open. Perhaps that is what they are use to and probably where they come from, but unit owners who leave shoes and/or trash out in the hall should realize that they have moved up in the world to this beautiful Woodlawn condo building! A few years ago, we actually had a neighbor's underwear sitting outside of her door! Nasty people, I tell you! By the way, this is not just a complaint from me, other unit owners in my building have complained about this neighbor leaving trash/boxes/shoes in the front hallway, as it is also sometimes left at the bottom landing of the stairway, yes, right where people enter and exit! Go figure!

Let's remind unit owners to not act like the "cuzins" by leaving junk and person items in the hallways, and to leave shoes/garbage either within their personal unit or in the trash. I know that a year ago someone else volunteered to draft a letter about this, but it was never done. I will volunteer this time to write the letter for the board's review, indicating that there will be a fine for people leaving junk outside of their door in the common area, either in front hallway or back porches. Please make this an agenda item for the next meeting for board vote.

Thank you kindly,"


Wowzy, wowzy woo.

In case you didn't know, that letter is about me.

Once again I'm the bad neighbor.


kwintessential said...

cheap, fake, old and wet!

That was freakin hilarous! I have seen the "alleged" situation, and they are not cheap or fake. (maybe wet at times), And, as per a convo last night, these "cheap, fake, old and wet items are in your know, the place were you pay a mortage.

The North Coast said...

Maybe I shouldn't say anything, but I'll put in here.

Your neighbor's letter was unnecessary, and the cattiness and craziness of it is a little unsettling. She sounds just a little unhinged.

But people in condo buildings ideally should not leave personal items in common areas. A good compromise would be to permit such items as wet shoes, rugs put out to air, and other such things, to be kept by the rear entrances to apartments, which is usually the 'service' entrance, where the trash cans and tools and other outdoor items are often kept, while keeping front lobbies, halls, and entrances inviolable. In my rental, the nice people across the hall, who are eastern European immigrants, follow their old country custom of storing ALL their shoes on the back landing by their door, on a metal shelving unit. Nobody minds this because it is at the BACK entrance and does not present a safety or sanitation hazard, but people complain like hell about baby strollers, bicycles, trolley carts, and the like in the front hall or lobby, and the building ownership expressly forbids it. I see many expensive condos here on the north side that let people do this, and it doesn't exactly elevate the tone of the place to park baby buggies and bikes in the marble-floored lobbies of these pretentious roosts.

You and other owners might want to sit down together and develop guidelines and rules as to what can be kept where in common areas of the building, then make sure all owners and residents sign off on the new rules.

Erin said...

"Project" and "cuzin" references....Is it just me or is this letter beyond offensive, no matter the presence of wet shoes.

The North Coast said...

It's an extremely offensive letter. It's nasty, personal, insulting, and catty. This kind of incivility is guaranteed to flame the fires of neighborly hatred while doing nothing to solve the problem being discussed. If anything, it triggers a reaction in kind in an unknowing, innocent offender.

One possible response to such a letter might be an open letter to the other neighbors suggesting a solution that everyone could live with and abide by. Then, the board could just issue a blanket statement describing rules applicable to everyone regarding the storage of personal items in public areas- what is permitted, where it is permitted, and where it is not.

The Woodlawn Wonder said...

Bottom line---the boots aren't moving.

Al said...

This person is a teacher??? S/he clearly has some anxieties over, my, my.