Friday, June 22, 2007

Bathroom Boys

It looks like AOZ Construction is blowing up these days.

These are the nice men that took my bathroom from looking like ass to looking hot.

It was no small miracle as the original rehab performed by my developer’s crack construction team wasn’t exactly high quality.

As a matter of fact, we found that when the glass mosaic tile was going up that the walls weren’t set at the proper (or straight) angles.

As a matter of fact, the gents had to correct a whole bunch of crappy workmanship for a slight increase in our original agreed upon price.

That’s ‘cause there was a great deal of extra labor and materials involved.

Nonetheless as the pictures prove----they did a phenomenal job. I was (and am) extremely pleased with the quality, timeliness and professionalism of their work.

Sometimes I just go in the bathroom and contentedly sigh. Kohler commercials don’t have the corner on that market.

If it weren’t for this getting laid off thing, I’d have them back before the end of the summer to put in a new kitchen floor.

But looming unemployment seems to take precedence right now.

It’s always something, right?

I know one day my kitchen will be the best I can afford, but right now I’m gonna have to continue rocking that cheap laminate white appliance Home Depot look that my developer thought was so hot.

Viking appliances may not be in my future, but at least a sister can scrap together a few pennies for the Kenmore stainless package.

I’ll be giving the kids at AOZ a call. If you’re planning a remodel you might want to as well.


Omo said...

anyword on security gates on rear doors in woodlawn...or on sliding doors? What are your recommendations? I recently purchased in woodlawn.

The Woodlawn Wonder said...


Our back security doors came with the unit as a part of the rehab. Trust me, I wasn't used to having a full window, a half window and a door all accessible from a rear porch. The security gate (and security system) was big selling point.


The only person I can think to recommend is John Roza at Metro Fence Company (773) 767-2239. While our association hasn't used him, he does come highly recommended by a local Woodlawn developer and I appreciated his promp professionalism when coming to bid for a potential fence contract.

One thing that you'll find the longer you live on the south side is that tradespeople aren't exactly clamoring for your business. Most times when you go through an internet contractor matching service, once someone hears where your address is, they won't even return your phone call. When you find good people, treat 'em right, pay them on time and hold on to them for dear life.

Hope this helps.

The North Coast said...

Woody, you might want to look at a Frigidaire stainless package and read Consumer Reports buying guide first. Then look at a place called A J Madison up in Wisconsin. They will charge more to ship, but you will not pay the sales tax. They have some of the best deals I have ever seen.

Just Google them and you will find them.

Plus, they will deal on an "apt package"- you know, three or four appliances purchased together. Ask them what they will do for you on that.

From what I'm reading, the Frigidaire is coming in cheaper, more reliable, and better looking, than any other moderate brand.

There are other good deals, too. Since you want to make sure your employment situation is square first, and absorb higher payments, you have time to really look.