Thursday, May 25, 2006


Yet another letter that's worth sharing:

Hey, I just found your blog and love it.

I'm one of your white, VW-driving Woodlawn neighbors. It's great to see someone else talking about race in Chicago. I'm in the middle of "Making the Second Ghetto" which is all about the forces that formed the South Side, including the shady real estate deals and the unfair lending practices. It's pretty eye opening (and a bit heart-breaking)

I was just talking about the rent vs. own debate that residents in Woodlawn are wrestling with. By the way, I tried to leave a comment, but I'm not a blogger so I was blocked from doing so. Regardless, great blog.



Is that not just a hoot? I wonder if my black chardonnay swilling, brie eating ass can hitch a ride in the Jetta to Trader Joes? That ladies and gentlemen would be true diversity in action.

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