Tuesday, May 30, 2006


You know there’s something a bit disconcerting about seeing a couple of auctioneers duct tape a big yellow auction sign to your building.

Actually I should say a building in our association.

Apparently one of our mortgage company neighbors is tired of having their unit on the market.

A price reduction of close to $60,000 wasn’t working for them either.

They’ve reached their breaking point and are putting the unit on the auction block.

Did I mention that this unit is in the building that has the crumbling facade?

Oh yeah---that hasn’t been fixed yet either. But that’s another conversation for another post.

So my lovely sister and I are driving to Moo and Oink for some last minute barbeque fixins’ when I spy my neighbor and a nice couple chatting while a big yellow sign announcing an auction was being duct taped to the brick of the building.

Boy howdy---pull over sissy dear Woody has to investigate.

Now granted I looked like a bag of ass---my ever-present weekend headscarf, crappy tank top, jeans and my throw back sunglasses probably didn’t present the best picture to the couple from the auction house.

They seemed like a nice couple. I know they were only doing their job.

Nonetheless I explained that due to provisions in our declarations and bylaws, no sign---much less a big yellow one---could be posted in any unit window or on the outside of the building.

The gentleman said there was nowhere else to post it near the premises. He wanted to know where would I suggest that they place the sign.

No, I didn’t say what you think I might of said.

When dealing in condo business, it’s always best to keep it professional.

I suggested that they put it in the ground.

They said that after a few inches they simple hit concrete and the signposts wouldn’t go in any further.
They claimed that there was nowhere else to post the sign other than the building.

While I understood their predicament, that solution was simply unacceptable.

Plus how friggin’ ghetto would that shit look?

We have another unit in that particular building that’s for sale as well. How in Pete’s name is that one gonna get sold with a ghetto ass auction sign posted on the building?

Despite the fact they had a job to do that sign was going to come down immediately after they left.

The couple seemed resigned to that fact, took a few digital photographs and called it day.

My sister and I proceeded to Moo and Oink.

When I came back to take the sign down, it had already fallen.

Duct tape + humidity + brick = Sign on ground.

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