Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Resignation Letter

Below is a copy of the regisnation letter that I sent to the board of our association earlier today. I will fill in the back story in a future post.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Through extensive conversations and e-mails, I've repeatedly suggested how the mortgage company owners should be invoiced.

I may be proven wrong, but it has been my experience that honesty, fair dealing and adhering to the statutes of the condominium act have worked. Moreover, the mortgage companies will pay their fair share but it must be clearly and concisely spelled out on an invoice.

While the invoice below is a good tool to track the history of debt for that unit, I feel that the sentiment of either hoping that the mortgage company will pay the almost $4,000 or that they will figure out their correct amount to be duplicitous and misleading.

We are knowingly engaging in misrepresentation at the least or fraud at the worst.

I strongly feel that we are setting ourselves up for a potential lawsuit as the board is not acting in the best interests of the association. We are not justly levying the proportioned assessed amount upon this particular unit and hoping that they simply don't know the law or catch the mistake.

As a board it was always my impression that we were to champion the association. As we continue to dig ourselves out of our financial mess, the consistent influx of assessments should continue to be a top priority. At this point I can only question if that issue is a priority as I believe that those invoices will largely go ignored.

More than likely, this issue will still be discussed at future meetings all because the correct steps have not, or will not, be taken.

Trying to pull one over on your neighbors---residents or not---is tantamount to something Carlton Knight would try and I find it appalling.

The law has been cited, the situation has been explained ad nauseam and I even redid the invoices to show the correct amounts. Apparently all of this has fallen on deaf ears. It saddens me that in an attempt to right our ship we have to even give the appearance that we're plundering others.

It is with a considerable amount of thought and consideration that effective immediately, I resign my membership from the Board of Directors of the XXXX Condominium Association.

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