Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Introducing The Lord High Executioner

Baby steps of progress are being made, faithful readers.

The Lord High Executioner, two others from his office---Buford Pusser, Lady Deathstrike and I sat down and had a little chat during lunch time today.

The knowledge sharing was fast and furious.

Truthfully things went about as I expected.

To make a long story short, everyone present was appalled by the quality of the ridiculously shoddy work done---or should I say not done----our on building.

Yet again, I’ve been told that we have more than enough to go after my bootleg developer in a civil proceeding.

I reminded the good folks---and hopefully they excused my French---“Money talks, bullshit walks” when it comes to civil suits. No one who has the resources, contacts or time would touch us without knowing that there was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Good legal eagles cost quite a bit. We’re barely keeping up with the maintenance to our home. How can we come out of pocket for the high quality representation that we need?

I let the assembled company know that our safety and the condition of the building came first.

No funds = no lawyer.

Such is life but I wouldn’t be surprised if a good legal resource surfaced in the near future. Just a hunch---call me optimistic.

To the Lord High Executioner’s extensive knowledge, there was nothing he could do to erase the unfair judgment that is now our responsibility due to our developer’s shitty property management.

Once the gavel falls on a case of that nature it’s extremely difficult to get it undone. I think it’s time to attempt to contact someone in the Revenue Department.

That dog may not want to hunt but I’m gonna kick it’s lazy, tick infested ass until it does.

That was a metaphor folks for I don’t believe that we as an association can be held liable for our developer’s mismanagement.

Once I take this as far as I can take it and if I’m still receiving the same answer, there’s always the court of public opinion, right?

Isn’t that what newspaper reporters are for?

The Lord High Executioner also commented about our developer’s application for construction permits from DCAP.

From what I understood, little could be done to prevent him from getting the necessary paperwork to complete his new development(s).

As he was stating his concerns, I felt like watching a batter wait for the right pitch before knocking it out of the park.

As the responses piled into my head, I thought this may not deny him his permits, but at least he’ll have to go through the city’s nightmare of a bureaucracy.

This might be easier than I thought.

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