Monday, November 05, 2007

Child, Please

Frankly folks it’s pretty simple.

If I don’t bring my drinking buddies to your kids’ play dates, why are you bringing your kids to my bar?

And, for the record, I don’t care if your European and this is standard operating procedure in your homeland.

Yesterday I witnessed what's becoming more and more prevalent in my neck of the woods---bringing kids into a bar.

The rare exception to this rule is if the tots are in the bar during a more family friendly hour (before the sun goes down) AND they’re sitting at a table.

But don’t expect your average patron to alter their behavior because your child happens to be at the bar. If they get smoke blown in their face or hear and see adult things---that’s your fault.

Jesus take the wheel.

This group of people not only brought three small children into a tightly packed bar, but a sleeping baby was wheeled off in the corner.

Classy huh?

Then to make it even better, they were blocking the only available narrow entrance and exit for other customers and staff.

If people keep on having to say “excuse me” perhaps that’s your clue to get out of the way and stop blocking the aisle.

Nonetheless, these future Darwin Award recipients didn’t catch the clue and continued to drink martinis and smoke around children that were clearly bored and fidgety.

I don’t blame the kids one bit---let’s make that clear.

I blame their booze hound parents who needed a drink so bad that they had to have their kids out after 7:00PM on a school night.

If you need a drink that bad perhaps you should check into being a friend of Al’s.

So if you happen to be in a smoky bar swilling down martini’s like you were 23 in the presence of your kids and you see an unsmiling black woman staring at you that’s your overt clue to go home.

Don’t make me have to say something.

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Mary said...

Ah, too funny. I have to say we try our best to get the kids out of the bar before 7pm otherwise it all goes pear shaped! Though usually we're only in the "restaurant" part of the hotel!