Sunday, November 18, 2007

Is It Just Me?

It seems the most dangerous things to be in the Chicagoland area these days is a woman.

Disappearing wives. Strangled, burned bodies. Husband’s pulling off the road and murdering whole families.

It just doesn’t pay to be a broad these days.

It kind of makes you long for the good old fashion conflict resolution of my youth---it was called divorce.

If it was good enough for my parents, I’m sure it would have been good enough for the gentlemen who’s wives just “leave” and are never heard from again.

But time will tell. Nothing stays buried forever.

Now I know the knife cuts both ways. There have to be some family annihilators who happen to be women.

Perhaps their stories don’t get as much coverage as when men murder their whole families or when their wives “disappear.”

But it seems around these parts women are disposable.

Nothing underscores that point than the two burning bodies that were found in dumpsters around the south side.

Jesus take the wheel.

Naturally when the body of a pregnant young woman is found less than a mile from your home, you sit up and take notice.

You also tend to take notice as a single woman who takes public transportation and tends to be out when it’s dark.

In order to survive as a woman in Chicagoland you apparently have to fear both persons known and unknown.

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The North Coast said...

It sure doesn't pay to be a MARRIED woman. Did you know that the people least likely to be murdered in the U.S. are single women who live alone and work 9 to 5 white-collar jobs.

The dull life is the safe life, huh?

While you're off, go take a look at FBI crime statistics. Here are some fascinating facts concerning the gender factor in crime.

Men are 77% of all murder victims nationwide. They are 92% of murder victims in the city of Chicago.

Men are more likely to be murdered by strangers than women are.

Men are more than 4X as likely to get murdered as we are, period.

Women are more likely to be murdered by husbands or boyfriends.

Women are much less likely to be murdered on the street than men are.

When a guy is offed, the first people you look at are his business associates (business rivals, disgruntled partners, fellow gang members, rival gang members, etc.).

When the victim is a woman, the first people you look at are the men in her life.

These recent cases involving suburban women have gotten top billing in the media because these types of killings really are very exceptional.

The media has a big influence on how we perceive our world, and media hacks tend to sensationalize the relatively rare murders of suburban women while ignoring the carnage that takes place on our city streets across the country on a daily basis. While the media hounds interview Drew Peterson on television and publish photographs of the disappeared women, no one noticed the 14-year-old girl from an impoverished south side neighborhood who recently disappeared with no traces, and we routinely ignore the countless shootings that kill at least a couple of young men every weekend.