Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Good Vibrations

I still haven’t got this sidewalk thing figured out yet.

Our new sidewalk across the street was poured over a month ago but another crew came out and put in the corners.

While I know the corners have to be ADA compliant, why couldn’t the same crew do the corners at the same time?

Considering the south side usually gets the shaft, I guess I should be overjoyed that we got a new sidewalk to begin with.

I guess the old adage is right, never look a gift sidewalk in the mouth.

Nonetheless there is a crew outside right now breaking up concrete and setting up the molds to pour yet another set of corners.

Personally speaking, that jackhammer vibration---if applied in the proper situations---could be a good thing.

Speaking of a separation of duties, yesterday while I was setting up my Christmas tree on the balcony I saw a crew spreading grass seed just on the corner across the street from my place.

Yes, I have a lit Christmas tree on my outside balcony. That’s how I roll.

I don’t think my neighbors like the pine needles I’ve left in the hallway but I’ll deal with that tonight before Charlie Brown Christmas comes on at 7:00.

Anyhoo, I ran downstairs to check the view of the tree from the street and asked the nice seed spreaders if the seed needed to be watered.

They told me that the seed was the winter variety and it should be fine throughout the cold months.

Okey dokey.

What struck me as strange was that they told me that another crew would be out seeding the rest of the parkway with for all intensive purposes is “spray on grass.”

Now why would the city send two different crews to apply two different types of seed to the same parkway?

As I said earlier---we’re getting our due, perhaps I should shut my yap and say “Thank You.”

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