Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Media Darling

I know I have people who read the blog---the counter keeps on ticking upward everyday.

What surprises me are people who actually make legal money from journalism who give me a tap now and then for my opinion or point other readers to my humble offerings.

It’s extremely validating and flattering in light of the fact I started this blog in order to channel frustration from our association’s dismal state at the time.

Trust me, I know I’m not alone in my condo drama out there. I’ve received enough e-mail from you fellow condo cowboys and cowgirls to continue to fight the power.

Yet when the peeps from Yo!Chicago, Gaper’s Block, The New York Times and the University of Chicago Maroon come calling, it’s an unexpected treat.

I was recently made aware that I Hate My Developer made the Chicagoland blog roll in The Reader.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with The Reader, it’s an alternative newspaper that’s been around for years. Hell I remember first picking it up when I was a wee baby in college.

Aside from helping you keep your entertainment schedule up to date, those kids do some damn fine reporting.

Discussion about the infamous Reader personals section is for another post.

Nonetheless, Whet Moser has seen fit to include my musings in the roll with a long list of amazing local blogs every Chicagoan should have on their reading list.

Does this mean that my Christmas card list will be getting larger? Am I going to have to buy a couple more bottles for the Christmas party?

Only time will tell.


letterknit said...

Your writing cracks me up... entertains AND informs. Keep it up!

Nat said...

Excellent! You write a fine blog, I'm glad people notice.